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5-Step New Pup Guide

First and foremost, congratulations on your furever friend! We know how exciting it can be to bring one of these cuties into your home, but there are 5 steps you should take to make sure your new puppy has an easy transition into your home. 

Step 1: Puppy Proof Your Home!

This step is the first one you should take before bringing your new puppy home. Hiding or putting away any electric cords is crucial, as puppies tend to be very curious and nibble at everything (this includes your favorite shoes, so make sure to put those away too!). Make sure to get lidded garbage cans too, as they tend to be explorers and will not hesitate to rummage through your trash otherwise. It is also important to establish a space where your puppy will be in your home primarily - purchase a puppy pen until you are done house training your new cutie.

Having a Bath
Rope Dog Toy

Step 2: Purchase the Appropriate Supplies

You should be prepared to bring your new puppy home by buying the right supplies beforehand. Some supplies that should definitely be on your list include:


  • Cozy bed and blanket

  • Puppy-friendly food and treats

  • Puppy pee pads

  • Stain and odor remover

  • Bowls for food and water

  • Nametag and adjustable collar

  • Leash

  • Dental chews

  • Chew toy 


These supplies will help make your pup comfortable and feel right at home.

It is crucial to your puppies development to have them socialize early on. Introduce them to the other members of your home and give them a full tour of the place so that they get used to their new environment. Before having them socialize with other pups, make sure their buddies are vaccinated first and foremost and schedule that first vet visit ASAP.

Step 3: Get Your Pup to Socialize

Veterinarian with Dog

Step 4: Schedule Their First Vet Visit

This is probably the most important step out of everything in this guide. Vaccinations are due at 6-8 weeks old for pups, so you need to make sure you find a reputable and good vet that will care for your puppy when the time comes. Your puppy’s health should be your number one priority, especially in the early stages of their life. Some topics of discussion that may come up during your first visit may include microchipping and spaying or neutering.

Step 5: Start Practicing Commands

In this step, you can start teaching your dog to learn certain commands. Treats are your best friend in teaching your pup how to do things such as sitting, going to bed and even eating. Although it does require some patience to train your pup, dogs are very intelligent and will eventually learn the commands you teach them with just a little work. It is also important to teach your pup commands early on. 

Dog Training

Doing all of these steps are essential to the growth and comfort of your new puppy. We hope you enjoy your furever friend!

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