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Meet Our Cavapoos

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Characteristics of a Cavapoo
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Cavapoo Temperament:

Affectionate, Playful, Sensitive, Outgoing, Clingy, Intelligent


Cavapoo Exercise Requirements:

Daily long walks and outdoor play sessions

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Are Cavapoo Pups Good with Kids?

Yes! Especially if they are introduced and trained to be sociable in their puppyhood, Cavapoos will get along well and will be safe around young children

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Average Full-Grown Weight:
8lbs - 25lbs


Average Full-Grown Height:
9 in - 14 in


Life Expectancy:
10 to 15 years

Cavapoo Puppies Who Have Found Their Home

Male black cavapoo


Male Brown Cavapoo


white and cream female cavapoo


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