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Learn About Mini Australian Shepherd Pups!

Breed Overview

Eager to please and highly trainable, the Miniature Australian Shepherd is a devoted and intelligent breed of dogs. Though they may be small in size, Mini Australian Shepherds exude energy and liveliness, making them an excellent playmate for both younger and older kids. Not only do they get along with their owners, Mini Aussies also get along well with other dogs and even cats, due to their overall family-friendly nature. Mini Australian Shepherds are highly trainable, so early socialization and puppy training is recommended to ensure that they will grow to be well-adjusted, sociable and well-mannered. Because they are very energetic, active and athletic, setting up mini obstacles for them is encouraged, as they excel in various canine activities, such as obedience, agility, and tracking. If you are looking to complete your family with a Mini Australian Shepherd, Puppies Direct can find the perfect match for you.

Characteristics of a Mini Australian Shepherd
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Mini Australian Shepherd Temperament:
Intelligent, Energetic, Trainable, Versatile, Resilient, Loyal

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Average Full Grown Weight:
20lbs - 40lbs


Mini Australian Shepherd Exercise Requirements:

Moderate exercises like jogging or walking for at least an hour a day


Average Full-Grown Height:
13 in - 18 in 

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Are Mini Australian Shepherd Pups Good with Kids?

Yes! Mini Australian Shepherd dogs are very playful and loyal even past their puppyhood, which makes them an excellent playmate for children both young and old


Life Expectancy:
12 to 13 years

Is the Mini Australian Shepherd right for you?

If the popular Mini Australian Shepherd sounds like the perfect pup for you, contact Puppies Direct so we can get started on completing your family. If a pup isn’t available immediately, we will work with breeders from around the country to find the perfect Mini Australian Shepherd for you. Puppies Direct works with only the most reputable breeders (no puppy mills!) and every pup comes with a one year health warranty, a 14 day viral/bacterial health guarantee and all DAP vaccinations. Every puppy also comes microchipped and registered with a free veterinary office visit with our partner veterinarian.

Available Mini Australian Shepherd Puppies

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Find the Perfect Puppy

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Mini Australian Shepherd Puppies Who Have Found Their Home

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