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Why You Should Get A Puppy

Dogs are the most loyal companions you can have. There is a reason why they call dogs a “man’s best friend.” They are kind, loving, and will be there for you no matter what. Here are some reasons why you should get a puppy.

Puppies are Good For Your Health

Studies have shown that puppies can actually help you live longer! Owning a puppy can actually help improve any high blood pressure issues, relieve stress, and mental health issues. Being in a puppies presence significantly makes people happier and healthier. Since a puppy requires a schedule (walking, feeding, etc.) they can help reduce stress and establish a daily routine which is proven to make people’s mental health improve significantly. It has also been shown in various studies that owning a dog can even reduce doctor visits for medical issues such as headaches, colds, anxiety and even back pain.

French Bulldog
Dog Running in Water

Get Active!

Puppies are energetic bundles of joy that require walks and playtime every day. Since you need to walk your pup regularly, you will become increasingly more active and have daily exercise which can not only help you potentially lose weight, but also become a fitter person overall. What’s not to love about that?

Dog Walking

A cute pup is a natural conversation starter. Whether you are out walking your dog or at a dog park, people are bound to spark up a conversation with you about your furry friend. Staying engaged with others is very healthy and you can meet new people with similar interests by having a puppy. 

Pups Make You More Social

Kid Embracing Puppy

Assist in Child Development

Children that grow up around dogs have been shown to have more empathy than those who haven’t. Being around dogs at a young age also helps babies prevent ear infections, colds, as well as helps in the prevention of pet allergies. They are also proven to benefit children’s social, cognitive and motor development.

They Significantly Improve Moods

Some therapists suggest to people that are suffering with depression or their mental health overall to adopt a puppy because they are proven to help uplift moods. Daily interactions with a puppy are known to release the happy hormone, serotonin, which can help improve your mental health significantly. Since they also require walks, they get you out of your house and get you moving. 

Man with his Dog

Overall, getting a puppy is a great addition to your home. What’s better than a friend that will love you unconditionally and has so many benefits? If we've got you convinced, make sure to contact us today to schedule a playdate with one of our adorable pups!

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